about me

my name is alicia wolcott.  i’m 30 years old and live in brooklyn, nyc, where i’m working on a master’s degree in public administration at the nyu wagner school of public service, specializing in international development and non-profit management.  this summer i did an internship with UNICEF in Bangalore, India, doing research on the total sanitation campaign in Bangalore Rural district.  from 2007 to 2008 i lived in rwanda, where i was a volunteer with vso (voluntary service overseas).  in rwanda, i taught english, business english, and basic computer skills to high school students.  before rwanda, i lived in kecskemet, hungary, and worked as an english teacher for two years.  i also lived in providence, rhode island for six years.  i went to school at brown university, where i studied architecture and theatre, then worked as a scenic designer there and in boston and new york.  i originally hail from rhinebeck, a little town situated in the mid-hudson valley in new york state.

this blog is a place for me to share stories with friends and family.  all comments are welcome.

me being hugged by adorable little kids feller road, rhinebeck


29 Responses to “about me”

  1. Dear Alicia,

    I wish you and your family Happy New Year.
    Please give me again your mail adress, (I lost the smal paper).
    I would like send to you a special song and some pictures.

    The best for you in USA, or in Afrika

    Tamás from Kecskemét

  2. What Alicia didn’t say? She leaves behind on her Rwandan journey a very large, very proud family in the USA, who all will be reading up on all the adventures she shares here. Love from just one of the family, Aunt Patty

  3. HI…Ed and I are here at the Cape looking at the pictures and reading the notes. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Gram was telling us that pineapples are only 40 cents each… we’ll take half a dozen! We had our first snow storm for the season, a whole inch! We’ve been waiting to go sleading with the little ones but so far we haven’t even covered the grass…We’re off to go shopping for a new, old stained glass lamp. Thinking of you, Gram especially loves resding about your adventures. If you send us some nice warm air, we’ll send you a snowman in a bottle. Take care. Love from New England!

  4. Hi,Alicia!!!
    I’m Barbi,from Kecskemét.Ben got me your website…
    How are you?What kind of Africa?Do you like it?
    I hope,you’ll send me back!

    Be careful!

  5. Otherwise,my adress is:mrs.figo@freemail.hu

  6. Hi Alicia,

    I’m enjoying reading your adventures. You are much braver than I am. Keep writing for all of us who vicariously travel. Chuck and I are finally going to Hungary in June. I can’t wait. Hoping to go into Transylvania and see where my grandfather went to school. Ben gave me your site. Glad you’re enjoying it.


  8. Ooo – my mom just sent me the link after your mom gave it to you. I was like “Rwanda? Wait – wasn’t she in Hungary.. Rwanda’s no where near Hungary last time I studied Geography!” This blog is awesome – I’m going to be reading it along with all my other blogrolls. Good luck and make a difference!

  9. Lisi, check your postal mail. I sent you a package about 7 days ago.

  10. Alicia,
    Thanks for the link! It looks like you’re having a blast and doing some amazing things – I’m so in awe of you right now… Keep the updates coming and the photos posted. Can’t wait to hear all about your travels!

  11. Hi Alicia,
    My name is Epiphanie and I will be leaving for Rwanda in January with VSO (Canada). I am really excited about this new adventure! I enjoy reading your stories…insight of what life will be like in Rwanda!!!!

    Take care!

  12. Alicia,

    congratulations for your work in Rwanda. I would also like to ask you something about the Apagie Musha school: I have read on an Italian website that is was twinned with an Italian High school and that the school is using Linux. I haven’t been able to contact anybody in Italy to know more about this.

    However, as a freelance writer specialized in Free Software and Education, especially in developing countries (*), I’d really like to write an article about this story or any other cases of Free Software in Rwandan schools. If you or anybody else can help me in any way with this, even by just connecting me to the right people in Rwanda, please contact me either by email or through the Digifreedom.net website.

    Thank you in advance for any feedback,
    Marco Fioretti

    * see for example via google my article “Carovana X is heading for Senegal”

  13. hi alicia
    nice to find you on the web. i was the canadian theatre director who did some training for the playwrights in may 2007. i wanted to know how the writers are getting on and follow up. are you still involved w kivu writers or if not, know anyone who is, in rwanda? i will be back there april or so, nandita (also there with me) and i are starting up a theatre NGO in kigali, we will be looking for talented young writers. love to hear from you. all the best, jen


  14. 🙂

  15. hi alicia,
    just browsing on the internet for some information on rwanda and happened on your site. i’m a canadian psychology student (i’m 26 and am just finishing up a long drawn-out b.a.) and i’m thinking about going to rwanda for a couple of months in late august early september. i’ve just really begun to think about the move and have no idea’s as to what i’d like to do. just wondering how and where you started doing research for your trip? maybe you know of some good ngo’s that need volunteers? is vso recruiting? or anything else that may get someone on some kind of track? love to hear from you, natalia.

  16. Alicia – Your mom gave me your address online and I have read your postings from time to time. I love your work, your experiences, and your perspective. Drayton

  17. hey i am a complete stranger to you. But I hope whatever you are working on in Rwanda moves mountains. Hope u enjoy your vacation in Zanzibar??? and more power.

  18. Hey Lisi- just wanted to wish you a happy birthday- hope all is well in Africa, and don’t worry, you haven’t been forgotten!

  19. je m’appele ben hutera h. i am a lighting desing now working with isoko theatre in rwanda. am 24 years old with rwandese nationalite. je suis content de faire votre connaissance, welcome in my country and courage to make a difference.

  20. Alicia,

    sorry to bother you through the blog again: I confirm my interest to write an article about the topics mentioned in my Aug 9th email. Please let me know if this is possible.


  21. So how long are you in Rwanda for?

  22. i’m leaving at the end of november. i’ll be home for thanksgiving. can you believe it?

  23. hi, alicia i hope you are well, and i would like wishing you a new happy year 2009.

  24. Alicia,
    Hope you are well. Send me an update charlotteehill@yahoo.ca. Wondering about the next steps and also of course KWW.

  25. hi Alicia, i hope you are well.i just wanted to great you and to tell the good news from Rwanda that now i am with my wife, the wedding was good .so we love you

  26. Hello Alicia,
    Regarding the question from a person in Hungary, “What is Americe like?” Thirty to forty years ago there was an organization called “Letters Abroad”. It sought to get Americans to in direct contact with others in countries outside the US for better understanding between those countries. It placed advertisements in newspapers seeking to locate persons of similar intests. My consuming one at the time was photograp[hy. They sent me a letter from a man in Australia who had similar interest. We began corresponding and although he has passed away, I am still in contact with his family. In fact I just received a letter and updated photos from his daughter today (May 16,2010). This has been a very rewarding experience.
    I wish you the best!

  27. Waahuuh, this is great thing for me to read you Website as you are my best English Teacher in RWANDA you can Understand how I feed okay
    Alicia, I have to wish you the best of the best in your activities
    Then to Say Big Up is appreciated for you, May God bless you
    Ernest MUHIRWA

  28. Its good to learn u r doing fine. You may recall, we were at KCCI last summer together. I have come to know that u r well traveled just as schooled too. Keep the great life going, all I wish u is God speed. kudos!

  29. Hey Lisi! Have you thought of updating your site with what’s been going on this year (2011) for distant friends who will be-Lisi-ing you soon in September? Markosa

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