update from ghana

we’re wrapping up a week of intensive interviews with various UN agency staff working on the human security project.  on sunday we’ll take a ten-hour trip up north to tamale for interviews with field staff and national partners.  the work has been very intense – we spent the weekend hashing out the details of our interview questionnaire (to the point that the security guards at undp forgot we were here and were thrown off-guard – no pun intended – when we emerged after 9pm on sunday night, exhausted and hungry, from our office on the third floor).

in addition to interviewing staff at various levels in various agencies, we sat in on a few key meetings, and ran a participatory workshop activity to draw out ideas for improving the program.  our client seems pleased with our work so far.

we haven’t had much time to see accra, but yesterday ventured out to osu, a street with restaurants and foreigners not too far away from where we’re staying.  we found a fantastic free-trade handicrafts shop (http://www.globalmamas.org/) and i got a few dresses.  the trip north will be a welcome opportunity to see some of the country-side and get out of the city.  look for pictures soon.


~ by aliciawolcott on January 15, 2011.

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