back in africa

i am in ghana for a few weeks, working on a consulting project as part of my capstone project for my masters degree.  we’re looking at joint programs that bring together multiple UN agencies in efforts at increased efficiency and harmonization of aid activities.  i won’t be able to go into much detail here, because our work is ‘for internal use only’, but i’ll share what i can.

this is my first trip back to the continent since leaving rwanda in 2008.  as different as each african country is from one another, some of the sights and smells are the same and bring back fond memories.  there’s something about the red dirt in my sandals, the way people say ‘you are welcome’, the smell of charcoal and sweat and street meat.  i’m happy to be back, and at the same time frustrated that i don’t know where things are or how much things cost or what the local customs are.  there’s a false sense of homecoming and a sense of being one of those foreigners i used to deride in rwanda for driving around in aid agency vehicles and staying in air-conditioned hotels.  but the work i’m doing here – as a consultant rather than a volunteer – requires those trappings.  i look forward to our field visit to the north next week.


~ by aliciawolcott on January 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “back in africa”

  1. How long is your trip? Ben’s grade does a “Ghana” module some time this year. I was thinking they could skype to you and you could put the camera to the window? And ask you questions? Probably better ideas out there…

  2. we could try it. i’m all for helping kids make real-world connections. i’m only here till saturday and we’ve got kind of a jam-packed schedule of interviews, so it may be logistically difficult. the work i’m doing this time is mostly interviews with u.n. staff, so it may not be so kid-friendly. ask his teacher and let me know.

  3. Think you for coming back in our continent(Africa)enjoye our culture and things which you can’t get in india and america.
    did you get your masteres.i=I finished Bacc II IN 2010 with good result i’m in licence I.I wish you the best in Ghana.

    see you later.

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