after an uneventful 24 hours in transit, i am back in brooklyn safe and sound and mightily exhausted.  through the haze, a few impressions of culture shock on re-entry:

1) it’s quiet. the roads are so quiet and orderly and devoid of pedestrians animals and refuse. the cars here don’t honk at each other to signal changing lanes. the garbage truck actually came to my front door this morning and picked up my trash for me and took it to a place where i’ll never have to see it or smell it again and no cows or dogs will eat it.

2) it smells nice here. yes, even in brooklyn.

3) things are spacious. the sidewalks are vast and smooth. my apartment is enormous. i actually have to walk to get to the bathroom. my bedroom is the size of the entire 4-room flat i lived in in bangalore. my bed is so wide that i can turn over in my sleep and not fall off the side.

4) people here wear short shorts. i saw one girl’s thigh-fat. gross.

in the next few weeks before classes start again i plan to relax, drink tap water on ice, wash my laundry in a machine, and enjoy the cool weather.  also take-out sushi i think.


~ by aliciawolcott on August 15, 2010.

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