in the midst of furious toilet paper-writing and three days of power-pointage, team bangalore buggered off to the sleepy town of hampi for the weekend (where there was no cell-phone service – sorry to all who were expecting phone calls).  hampi is the seat of the now-lost civilization of vijayanagar and it’s littered with monuments and temples from the 14th and 15th centuries.

it’s also littered with gigantic sandstone boulders (out of which many of the monuments were cut).

between temple-gazing and r&r, we went bike-riding in the monsoon.  as i was puffing up one sizable hill, drenched to the bone and covered in mud, a passing bus full of men slowed to cheer me on – i think one was offering to pull me the rest of the way but by that point i’d made it myself (thanks to the gym on hosa road, no doubt).

we also traipsed through muddy banana plantations and river grasses to reach a pretty waterfall and some interesting rock formations.  our self-appointed guide (a small golum-esque character who led us along a completely unidentifiable path muttering the himself the whole way) waited till we’d safely reached the waterfalls before mentioning that the grasses were full of cobras.  he may have been angling for a better tip, but i watched him scanning the path as we went so i don’t think he was lying.  anyway, despite the mud, the trip was a welcome  break from the pressure of our encroaching deadline.  and i got a lot of pictures.

~ by aliciawolcott on August 1, 2010.

One Response to “hampi”

  1. can you bring that sandstone elephant to Wolcott Christmas Swap?

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