to pondicherry

after a strenuous two weeks of intensive field visits, we took a three-day weekend last weekend and hit the road.  an overnight bus took liz and i to pondicherry, a delightful former-french-colony on the eastern coast of south india.  there we strolled down quiet tree-lined lanes, basked in the sun, enjoyed the ocean breeze, and relished the continental food.  shrimp, grilled fish, pizza, pasta, crepes, cafe lattes – we did not have one bite of indian food the whole weekend.


~ by aliciawolcott on June 29, 2010.

One Response to “to pondicherry”

  1. so pretty! did you go swimming?

    also, my nickname for ballou has evolved from squishy to squishy tushy. oh, and it’s good you aren’t in southern chile or argentina. squishy tushy ripped them off the map, along with the flags of her least favorite world cup teams.

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