on the road again

despite my sincerest efforts at writing on the exotic and quixotic country of brooklyn, it’s been over a year since i’ve visited these pages.  grad school and my intership at the nyc department of education took over my life for a time.  my apologies.  the good news is, i’m back on the road again – this time writing from bangalore, india, where i’m doing a research internship with UNICEF.  on may 30th i arrived in delhi for a three-day orientation and training workshop.  there i met 43 other interns from around the world and from graduate programs in international development, sociology, economics, education, social work, philosophy, indian studies, the whole gamut.  on june 3rd i flew with my team to bangalore, in south india, where we’ll be doing our research on ‘household behavior determinants in success of total sanitation campaign: a case study of peri-urban areas of bangalore’.  i’ll tell you more about what that means when i know more about what that means.  right now we’re settling in, getting the lay of the land, exploring the city, and getting to know one another.  on monday the real work starts.

here are some photos i took on an outing in delhi, to humayun’s tomb.  the temperature was well over 100 degrees.

here’s my team in bangalore.  i am by far the oldest.

~ by aliciawolcott on June 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “on the road again”

  1. so glad the blog is back up!

  2. It must be so great to be traveling again. We’re anxious to here more about your travels, experiences, etc.

  3. So glad you’re filling us in on your travels and work. Sounds more civilizednthan
    Rhwanda. Can’t believe India is so behind the times with something we’ve had
    for a century. Thoght they were more progrssive than that. Sounds like you have
    a great cook! Hope your summer goes well, ove, Booma

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