a bit of philosophizing

it’s been a long time since i wrote anything.  there are various reasons for this, primary among which is the simple dilemma that this blog is entitled ‘letters from abroad’.  and i am no longer abroad.  or am i?  while technically i am back in my home country, and while a good portion of my readership is here too, i still feel like a foreigner sometimes.  maybe, (and i might be giving myself too much credit here) i can pretend to offer an outside perspective.  i left the u.s. at the beginning of 2005 and, other than a few short visits, didn’t return until the end of 2008.  living here now is, for me, like living in a new country.  so many things have changed while i was away.  i can choose to re-assimilate as best i can: pick up my life where it left off, get back in touch with old friends etc.  or i can choose to look at this as a new experience, a new culture to understand and find my place in, a new country to explore. 

i choose the latter.  doing so means a few things: one, i can reinvent myself rather than revert to the old me (whoever that was anyway).  two, i can continue to look at the world around me with fresh eyes.  i know you don’t need (care?) to hear all this silly philosophizing, but i need to say it because it leads to the next part: three, i can continue writing a blog entitled ‘letters from abroad’ in which i make observations about my experience of life in this country. 

so here it comes, alicia is back.  get ready for new posts.  a sneak preview of a few that have been sitting in the back of my head for awhile: the story of my flight home (see below), and a series of pieces on reverse culture shock including (but not limited to) alicia standing befuddled in front of rows and rows of salad dressing and alicia trying to hail a cab with her eyebrows.  happy reading.


~ by aliciawolcott on April 25, 2009.

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