recognize me?

i got my hair done! it took two women six hours to do this. i’m waiting for m. jackson’s witty comments.
looking east a diamond in the rough / toothy grin posing pensively

p.s. there’s actually loads more pictures if you want to have a look.


~ by aliciawolcott on September 20, 2008.

9 Responses to “recognize me?”

  1. oh my goodness! first of all, it looks great. did amanda get hers redone as well? you’d been talking about it forever, so good for you. you look completely different. maybe cause its longer or something, but it frames your face differently. is that amanda’s necklace you are wearing in the middle picture or did you get your own? anyway, i’m a fan of the braiding. do you like it?

  2. i’m surprised this one hasn’t gotten more comments. maybe m. jackson hit his head rock-climbing and broke his wit.

  3. clearly he has more important things to do than comment on my hair.

  4. just waiting to see if you’d go all the way. I mean, get a nose job and some black skin. You could have my old nose, and my old black skin.

  5. no, I left my wit on the dance floor. yeah, the dance floor. hee hee. owwww. oooh baby, on the dance floor. my wit – it’s on the dance floor.

  6. but it won’t stop. no, my wit, it won’t stop ’til you get enough. it’s in-vinci-ble. it’s bad, it’s bad, you know it. it’s dangerous. my wit is so dangerous. hee hee, owww. it’s just another part of me. (have you seen my childhood?) my wit, it keeps goin’, on the dance floor, baby, until the break of dawn. yeah, until the break of dawn. you know, you gotta live life off the wall.

  7. let’s be honest. you braided your hair to cover up the spot where i lit your scalp on fire, didn’t you?

  8. hi Alicia, how is everything there? i hope you are well . i wish you all the best


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