huge slacker

sorry guys.  i’ve fallen off the wagon on the updates here.  i know you’re all eagerly awaiting the next entry, checking in regularly to see that, once again, those kivu writers smiles are staring back at you, frozen in time, never aging despite how many weeks go by.  i’m aware that you’re all hungry for stories, or at least a not-dead-yet update.  maybe it’s work overload, maybe writer’s block, maybe i’m just a huge slacker.  sorry about that.

the end of the second term is in sight.  the last few months have been insane.  i’ve finally started some teacher training.  once a week (when there’s not a four-hour teachers’ meeting, that is) i teach basic english to my francophone colleagues.  ‘what’s this?’ ‘this is a desk.’  ‘what are those?’ ‘those are windows.’  roaring fun, let me tell you.  but after a few nervous false-starts, the teachers seem excited and eager and i like teaching beginners.  and we might hope that some of the participatory methodology i use in teaching them will rub off, particularly because negotiations with the director to do teaching methodology trainings seem a bit stalled.

last weekend, i bussed out to kabarondo in the east to help a couple other volunteers with a teacher-training workshop there.  my session was on ‘teaching vocabulary using participatory games and speaking activities’.  it was nice to feel like, even if only a few of those teachers repeat what we practiced together, i might have made the smallest of sustainable impacts on the education system here.  maybe.

amanda and i ran a study skills workshop for the students of apagie a few weeks back.  we’re trying to help them break through the memorization habits to reach actual comprehension of what they’re learning, and then to help them with exam-taking skills to raise their test scores.  we have the support of the students and director, but not of the new dean of studies, who seems to have put himself directly in whatever path we’re making towards more training less teaching. 

so yeah.  busy.  exhausted actually.

~ by aliciawolcott on June 27, 2008.

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  1. hey, i liked the kivu writer’s smiling faces. really, that’s a lie. i prefer the face down writing kind of face. the top of the head really has a lovely curvature, don’t you think?

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