thanks again

school’s up and running again and students are back.  one by one, the students you’ve all helped to sponsor have appeared at my door to pick up this term’s school fees.  each brings stories to tell about spring break – many spent their time working in the fields of their family’s farms, some did odd jobs to earn money to support the family or help pay school fees for a younger brother or sister, some studied.  all send thanks, their own and those of their families, which i’m now passing on to you, along with my own.  thank you for making it possible for these kids to finish high school.  here they are: eric, francoise, innocent, hyacinthe, jean-paul, jean-claude, francis, and fulgence (missing are anthere, felix, and bosco).

eric from senior 6 accountancy francoise from senior 6 accountancy innocent from senior 6 biology-chemistry hyacinthe from senior 6 accountancy

jean-paul from senior 6 biology-chemistry jean claude from senior 5 biology-chemistry francis from senior 6 biology-chemistry fulgence from senior 6 accountancy

p.s. two of the kids from last year whose third term fees you sponsored got scholarships to national university!  woohoo!

~ by aliciawolcott on April 30, 2008.

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