happy birthday to me

at 12:01am this morning in zanzibar, i got a birthday kiss from my tanzanian friend mosi. the hotel had decided to throw a full-moon party on the beach with hundreds of people, music, dancing, and an impressive acrobatic display by a troupe from stone town (all in my honor of course – why not?).

at 12:01am this morning in kigali, i got a birthday text message from three of my favorite girls – cathryn, giudi, and sara. they had decided to go out dancing and celebrating in rwandan fashion (without me, but with me in their thoughts – how could it be otherwise?).

at 12:01am this morning in new york, i got a birthday text message from my housemate and partner-in-crime amanda. she wasn’t actually in new york – she was in western tanzania – but she got her time zones mixed up.

at 12:01am this morning in seattle, i got a birthday email from my nutty brother. he had attached links to funny youtube videos he’d picked out to make me laugh (have a look). he had also written witty captions to the pictures on my blog (have a laugh at his comments).

at 12:01am this morning somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean, i got a birthday phone call from my parents in new york. they had held a family dinner the night before (at perhaps the same moment i was collapsing weerily to bed as the sun was rising in zanzibar), had invited my grandparents and my aunt to show pictures and tell stories of their visit to africa to see their oldest daughter.

all these people i love, celebrating my day in their own corners of the world – it makes me feel very special. thank you all.

and now that 12:01am on april 20th in the year 2008 is gone and no longer exists anywhere on earth, i am eating ice cream at a quiet table in stone town, watching the sun set and local children do back-flips on the sand. the water has turned purple and the dhows are just rocking dark silhouettes. and it has been a very happy birthday.


~ by aliciawolcott on April 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “happy birthday to me”

  1. Happy birthday

  2. I finally got the courage (remembered) to leave a message for you on this site. I had sent you a birthday card back in April, and got a message from your mother that you were in africa. Then, I meant to make an important phone call and try to figure out the distance between where you are and Conakry. My sister is in the Peace Corps and is placed there to teach AIDS awareness. She just finished her 6th month – a 4th of her 2 year committment. I had planned to tell her where you were, but I got real busy as the school year ended. Well Happy Birthday none the less… and maybe I’ll exchange some word with you in the future.

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