on safari woohoo

in ngorongoro crater, in front of hippo lake with elephant, in tarangire national park hair blowing back, driving through lake manyara national park

hippos yawning at lake manyara pawprints in the sand - a lion was here wildebeest lounging in the crater

~ by aliciawolcott on April 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “on safari woohoo”

  1. if i had stood in that position all day, i would’ve balanced out my tan much faster. the part in the shade is exactly what got burnt at muhazi. but, if you’re thinking about being my baby it don’t matter if you’re white or red/blistering.

  2. captions:
    “He he he. Guess what? I’m not thinking about building anything right now.”

    “Why is that girl smirking like that? Does she think I’m a fake Disneyland elephant? Because I’m not.”

    “Mom is happy that the dinosaurs are extinct.”

    “A lot has changed in African culture. The hippo ballet is out; the latest fad is hippo synchronized swimming.”

  3. To continue:
    “I’m hunting wabbits.”

    “WILDebeests my tuckus. We’re more of the Sunday-Driver-beasts.”

    Apologies for the smirk. Elephants, schmelephants, I saw lions.

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