kenya crisis

for all those at home watching the news, i am not in kenya and neither is luke.  i am safely back in rwanda, where there is no violence no problems nothing to worry anyone except that the price of gas has doubled (because of the ‘war in kenya’ as my neighbor called it).  luke is in egypt (see update on luke).  the friends i made in kenya (see kenyan hospitality) are incommunicado unfortunately, which is probably due to swamped airwaves.  here are some links if you’re curious about the situation there.

what the bbc has to say

what cnn has to say


~ by aliciawolcott on January 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “kenya crisis”

  1. As a Kenyan I believe its my duty to air my opinion, but there rae no blogs for that. I would like to be heard by my people. Through a tv channel or something, though not currently at home, it hurts me to see, how selfish a person can be, that they do not care about the people they are about to lead, as long as they lead everything else should work itself out. When Raila had been declared new president, no Kikuyus were demonstrating, we had accepted, because we are not hungry for power, which is what is driving Raila, who really cares about himself getting the presideny despite of how many Kenyans loose their lives over it. That is a shame and pitifull, and I WOULD NEVER WANT RAILA TO BE KENYANS PRESIDENT- HE IS HUNGRY AND GREEDY FOR POWER, AND THAT OVERPOWERS HIS ABILITY TO LEAD.

  2. your opinion is more than welcome on this blog, as are those of all my readers. are you in kenya? can you share any news of what’s going on now, news that might not have made it online yet?

  3. We have talked about our president and his opposition many times as the perpetrators of injustice, violence and fright. In my opinion, the media esp cnn and aljazeera are also responsible for the scare around the world about Kenya’s safety. I am a Kenyan in Kenya and the situation in the areas which were not Raila-affiliated was good. We enjoyed Christmas and even had new year celebrations. Not every region experienced the carnage.
    CNN seem to have an unquenchable thirst to portray other countries apart from their own as unstable and unsafe. It’s a shame.
    Kenya is a beautiful country. Structures have started coming up where they’d been destroyed and those who took advantage of the past situation to loot have started returning the stuff.It is sad that we cannot bring back the lives that were lost though. You can bet though, that the toll has not hit 1000 as cnn say.
    My appeal to all the news followers, do not take as gospel truth all that media shows you. You cannot know the extent of a country’s sadism if you are not in it. Therefore, media should not base their news one person’s opinion. One person who was ‘trying to escape’ the violence. What would they have captured?
    We are saddened by the international news bodies.

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