five days in the hills

i would like nothing more than to burn my sneakers.  i never want to see them again.  just looking makes my feet hurt.  here’s a summary of the distance they’ve carried me in the last five days:

day one:  14 km with a stop at a pottery coop where i bought a turtle and luke a cameleon-slash-stegasaurus.  we met a peace corps volunteer named neil who seemed very excited to have some company.

day two:  20km from the backyard of the lutheran church we’d camped in, through villages into rainforest and back in time to catch the lutheran marching band rehearsal.

day three:  28km through villages, rainforest, pine forest, more villages, cornfields, over stick fences and down slick footpaths to arrive soaked and limping in the electricity-free town of mlalo.

day four:  5km of mud to catch the semi-functional bus, then 15km to the elusive mkuzi waterfall we never actually found and then stealth camping next to a village devoted entirely to drinking sugar-cane beer.

day five:  21km back to lushoto then on to irente farm for christmas eve and organic cheese.

highlights included:  little kids shouting ‘jambo!’ (hello!) and ‘good morning teacher!’, breath-taking views from the cliff-hugging road onto deep green valleys, colorful interactions with local villagers, and insightful conversation with my favorite brother.  all in all, more than worth the pain i’m in now.


~ by aliciawolcott on December 24, 2007.

One Response to “five days in the hills”

  1. Hi Alicia

    It’s Sam who spent Christmas with you at the campsite. I think we made spaghetti. Hope youre keeping well.

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