into the hills

are my travel stories too much about i got on such and such a bus, got stuck here, got lost there, traipsed squished packed up and did it again? am i starting to repeat myself?  i don’t want you all to think that travelling in africa is just about uncomfortable public transport and people trying to rip me off.  it’s just that those stories are easier to write.

after the heat of the coast, luke and i took the road north to the usambara mountains near the border with kenya.  as the (need i say crowded?) daladala ascended from mombo to lushoto, dry-sweltering-dusty turned to lush-fresh-green.  mango trees, rainforest, mud-hut villages clinging to red earth on terraced green slopes.  much like rwanda really, which was a nice reminder that my travels will soon come to a close and i’ll return to the comforts of my house, bed, job, friends, trials and tribulations of same-old-same-old ever-surprising never-mundane good-ole rwanda.

here’re some photos that i haven’t fit into stories yet, but i’ll let you see ’em in advance.

i carried a pineapple (really, i carried both of them, luke just posed for the picture) by far the worst bus i’ve ever ridden stealth camping on the edge of a cliff


~ by aliciawolcott on December 19, 2007.

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