the title of this entry has been changed due to unwanted sketchy traffic from search engines

here’s a tale that should have been written ages ago.  back in, i don’t know july?, we had a little get-together BBQ with the duel purpose of saying goodbye to volunteers daniel and chantou of quebec, and congratulating sarah and douglas on their engagement.  one thing led to another and soon we were piling into the back of douglas’ pick-up on our way to jambo beach on the west end of lake muhazi.  the night air was bone-chilling on the 30-minute ride of open road, stars gleaming overhead, wind whipping at the blankets we’d wrapped around us for warmth, heads thrown skyward, singing anything we knew the words to, our voices streaming with the wind onto the road behind us.

arrival brought drinks and dancing to warm us up, then a call for swiming to cool us down.  never one to refuse an opportunity for a skinny-dip, i joined the parade of two (only sarah and i were brave enough) to a corner of lake shore where the floodlights wouldn’t reach.  suddenly modest, we stripped down to our skivvies and plunged in.  the water gave us cover to lose the rest, and we paddled naked out into the middle of the lake, unmindful of cathryn’s warning of possible death-by-hippopatamus.

once away from the nasty floodlights, the stars were so bright they were practically popping out of the sky.  i floated on my back, ears submerged in the pleasant water void and thought woohoo i’m in africa.

we made promises to come back for a full moon and headed back to shore.  then sarah, in her lovely irish twang, cried ‘i’ve lost me knickers!’  perhaps the hippos had snatched them.  after much searching and splashing around in the dark waters, we left her knickers for dead, climbed onto the banks where cathryn was in fits of laughter holding our clothes (she’d warded off the prangsters who’d tried to run off with them).  ‘would you look at yer man – all wet and no knickers.  where’re yer knickers?’ sarah’s response: ‘i dunny can.’

that’s irish for ‘i don’t know.’  as much as i’m learning about the culture of rwanda, i’m also blessed to have a diverse group of colleagues and friends from the far reaches of the globe- belfast, vancouver, paris, kyoto, san francisco, quebec, london, serbia, the philippines, amsterdam, kinshasa, johannesburg, vienna, australia, new delhi, mozambique.  when i leave here i’ll have couches to sleep on almost anywhere i want to go.

sarah and douglas at their civil marriage last weekend didn’t see any hippos, but this weird bird was wading nearby sarah, cathryn, and i before losing knickers

~ by aliciawolcott on November 1, 2007.

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  1. they are making a new x-files movie!!! woo hoo doesn’t even touch how excited i am about this.

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