on experience

we’ve got a whole batch of new volunteers who just arrived – eighteen all told.  which makes me no longer the new kid on the block.  i’m somehow now one of the experienced ones.  i’ve been around.  i’m a veteran.  an old hand.  a mentor even.  older and wiser with knowledge to be imparted to the fresh sprouts.  a scary thought really.

so amanda and i were recruited by the gals in the vso office to run a session for the newbies’ in-country-training on ‘practicalities’ or ‘how to boil water in africa’.  we showed them how to use a mosquito net and a water filter and a kerosene stove, and how to take a bucket shower and wash clothes, and gave them handy tips like: buy a funnel, bring nails, use empty toilet paper rolls as pot-holders, save your shower water to flush the toilet, that kind of thing.  and it’s funny for me to think back to a conversation i had in january in st. thomas with luke about how to take a bucket shower and realize that i’m now on the other side of it.  the girl who always let the boys make the fire when we went camping is now the one demonstrating how to start a charcoal stove.  i even cook now- can you believe it?  oh, and i garden too – today we noticed we have baby zucchini plants starting! 

the school year’s winding down now and soon i’ll head out for a much-needed vacation, and before i know it, it’ll be january and i’ll be welcoming new volunteer teachers and explaining the system to them as it was explained to me.  so much has happened, so many experiences in such a short amount of time.  it’s kind of amazing.

~ by aliciawolcott on September 28, 2007.

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  1. I like the toilet paper roll idea. I’ll have to remember that.

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