sports in musha

spent the day yesterday watching the students play first volleyball then soccer.  some fun pictures…

keeping score with hot eric team cheer winners take a break 

amanda’s organized a volleyball tournament at school.  her team was playing and i was recruited to take photos.  those are my senior six boys on the right, emmanuel and hot eric (not actually that hot and only 19, but somehow the nickname has stuck).  it’s been a great way to galvanize the kids and encourage inter-mingling between the different grades.  i’ve watched a bunch of the games now (no other teachers have) and i get in some chatting time with the students in a relaxed way which is nice.

soccer with a view the senior six team spectators

after volleyball we hoofed out to the ‘football pitch’ on another hill out of town to watch the senior sixes and the senior fours go head-to-head for the semi-finals of a different tournament – soccer.  a good half of the players were barefoot, which is easier than running in plastic flip-flops.  they like to do special moves like kick the ball backwards over their head, falling on their backs in the grass in the process.  must have learned it from tv because they sure don’t have coaches here.  the sixes won (i was secretly happy though i shouldn’t have been playing favorites) and we got this amazing photo of them altogether afterwards.  rwandans don’t like to smile in pictures and i’m constantly making faces and jokes to get them to laugh.  well this time they got me.  check out theogene’s face (chief of 6 accounting, sitting in the middle in blue) or smiley jeremie’s laugh (standing in white, right of center, perhaps the strongest of the sixes in english and on his way to university in south africa next year) or peter doing who knows what (showing teeth left of theogene on the ground, the youngest of the senior sixes at 15, a super-wiz in biology and chemistry and pretty much everything, and a ham on the stage in the anti-aids club performances).  crazy guys.


~ by aliciawolcott on September 27, 2007.

One Response to “sports in musha”

  1. that is a great picture of all of them. it looks like so much fun!

    mmm, i have a not-so-secret crush on theogene.

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