thanks to all those who responded to the school fee crisis.  with your help, particularly that of my spectacular parents, i was able to pay the final term fees for eleven students.  they are all back in school, studying away, and send their thanks along with these pictures.  ernest is in red, martin’s wearing shades, the others are venant, betty (who brought me peanuts grown on her family’s little plot), and theoneste from the biology-chemistry stream, thimon, silas, dieudonne, jean claude, emmanuel, and japhet from the accounting stream.  (a few others crashed the photo but it was chaos taking it- everyone loves to have their picture taken).  they’re a friendly boisterous bunch and i’ll miss them when they graduate in november.

for those of you who’ve agreed to sponsor students for next year, i’ve selected a few of the more hard-working ones from senior four and five (10th and 11th grade) and will send you info soon.  your generosity is much appreciated.  i hope you can feel these students’ gratitude beaming across the ocean.

outside one of the classrooms, learning how to use the camera thank you! ernest being studious

~ by aliciawolcott on September 21, 2007.

One Response to “thanks”

  1. hi, i think you again for your help(third school fees in year of 2007)now i student in unilak(Kigali lay adventist university)i finished bacc I .


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