global education

yesterday i attended a training workshop for ‘global educators’.  this is a british buzzword, as is ‘global education’, which i’ll try to summarize in a few words.  the concept is that we all share our experiences of different countries and cultures in order to create more understanding and tolerance in the world.  by writing this blog, for example, i’m hopefully helping those who read it to understand more about life in rwanda or in hungary, and to dispell certain myths that we learn from television (like that everyone here is at war or dying of starvation).  also, while i’m here i’m teaching rwandan students about other cultures.  for example, i did a text about india and showed some of luke’s pictures – they were really surprised to learn that the cow is sacred and walks around on the street like a person.  they’re all surprised to hear that we have poor people in america too (and no streets paved with gold).

you can do your part too, by sharing my site with friends and family, by chatting about what you’ve read, by encouraging others to have an open mind and to understand that america is not the center of the universe.

inspired by the workshop from yesterday, i’ve decided to add some websites of interesting projects to my ‘blogroll’ (snazzy new word for me – it’s basically a place where i can put some links to other websites that you might want to check out).

they’re on the right, in a handy list, but if you can’t figure that out, here they are again.  i’ll add more as i find them, but this is a start.  if you’ve got your own interesting project, put up a comment and i’ll add it to the list.

save the flamingos, the coffee project, global campaign for education


~ by aliciawolcott on August 26, 2007.

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