shindig in musha

last weekend we had a li’l shindig in musha. late housewarming, or early goodbye to the volunteers leaving in september, call it what you like. about ten mazungu friends of ours and a few rwandan partners converged on musha for a night of ‘mean eats’ (homemade burritos with enough chilli to tweak those english tongues a bit), good conversation, and crazy games.
crazy game number one: foto-foraging-fun-fest. a scavenger hunt spread thoughout the village, in which participants take photos of items on a list. winning items included: doing martial arts in a banana plantation, wearing hats, hugging a super-tall stranger, digging in the garden, on a bicycle, in a rice sack, with goats, with the chief student of senior six accountancy, a shot of a young boy holding a roll of toilet paper (inspired by a photo taken by ben jordan a couple years ago in hungary, which is currently in our bathroom), and many others. here’s a sampling…

ready set hats kung fu fighting 
the fabulous theogene, king of senior six accountancy, with harem (minus one) elvis tall stranger

crazy game number two: collander-o-fun. names of random people go on cards in a collander (or in our case a cooking pot). first round is like taboo where you explain the words on the card without saying them (ex: ‘currently running for president, name sounds like a terrrorist’). second round you use the same names, but explain them to your group using only two words (ex: ‘not osama’). third round, again the same names acted out charades-style. fourth round, acted out but this time under a bed sheet. we absolutely must do this at thanksgiving next year.
crazy game number three: ok not really a game. but the morning after, a few of us went for a walk through nearby villages, played tourist for the day.  for kigali folks this was refreshing and informative – goats and mud huts not being the norm in the big city.  for me it was a chance to sneak some photos.

~ by aliciawolcott on August 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “shindig in musha”

  1. I’m definitely on board for the thanksgiving games! I’ll suggest it this year and maybe we can post a video of our attempts. The round under the bed sheet sounds particularly exciting. One a more serious note, I read that there was some flooding, how is your village holding up?

  2. woops, that wasnt supposed to be anonymous. it was me.

  3. flooding? hmm. we had a few rivers running through the school, (and then we ran through the rivers and got all muddy woohoo) but we’re on a mountain so it wasn’t a real flood. too bad. i’ve always wanted to be in a flood.

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