bon anniversaire

i was invited to the surprise anniversary party of mugisha and grace, prefet de discipline and bursar respectively, orchestrated by the charismatic chantal (of painted eyebrow fame).  thought it was an opportunity to share a little something about how the rwandans kick their heels up.  the party was in kinyarwanda for the most part, with what i assume were appropriate speeches.  then out came the cake, purchased in kigali of course because no one’s got ovens in musha.  the happy couple cut the cake, just like we’d do back home, while the video of their marriage ceremony played on the tv.  a housegirl came out with a basin and pitcher of warm water and went around while each of the guests washed their hands.  then plates of food were unveiled and we all heaped our plates up with the standard ‘melange’ of dishes.  coke, fanta, and beers were uncapped (by a housegirl in front of the guest, as is custom, to show that they hadn’t been poisoned).  after we’d all stuffed ourselves, our hosts accompanied us outside to their gate and said their thank yous and goodbyes.  and amanda and i strolled about two feet to our house next door.

cutting the cake daughter mignonne traditional rwandan food - rice, stewed bananas, french fries, pasta, stewed goat meat, tomato and palm oil sauce, carbs, and more carbs, with a side of fat

~ by aliciawolcott on August 16, 2007.

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