a group called rapsida came to musha today.  they teach hiv/aids issues to schools and communities through theatre.  it was a sunny day and i got loads of great photos.  the students were hysterical, even in kinyarwanda, and the message clear and necessary.  rapsida (rwandan-american partnership against sida- aids in french) is run by a cool guy named jesse from new york, who i spoke with at length and got some great ideas.  they work with anti-sida clubs in five schools throughout the country, apagie included.  i didn’t realize how theatrical my students are, and i’d like to start using some of that in the english club i just started (oh yeah, i started an english club- i’m useful!).  but the pictures also give you an idea of the colorful people i see every day 🙂

the players the stage the players

the club (and mugisha) the audience the audience 


~ by aliciawolcott on June 2, 2007.

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  1. hey big sis, post some new blogs. your faithful readers miss your anecdotal wisdom and bright photography.

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