thank you thank you to everyone who’s sent happy birthday emails.  it’s easy to feel like i’ve dropped off the planet out here, but i feel very loved today.  also thanks to amanda for a wonderful birthday surprise this morning, to kate for nutella (!), giudi for taking me out to lunch, and daniel for the singing telegram (in three languages).

~ by aliciawolcott on April 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “thanks”

  1. harmony wanted me to let you know that all the guys at tefl said hello and spoke very highly of you. she’s having a blast. but really, as if they could say bad things. we are wolcotts dammit.

  2. Hey there! Ist time in a couple weeks I have been able to read up! it sounds good from here.. you’ve had a bit of a break, some new friends, a chance to explore, and a chance to use your theatre creativity for a change of pace.
    How very incredibly beautiful it looks in the pictures. I hope maybe you can get a day to hang out or night to camp out (IF it could be done safely) and you could just sit maybe by that lake, and look all around at the wilderness and try to absorb it and the smells and sounds and colors. The vibrant greens and soothing blues. What a priveledge to see a place still so wild and pure. You need to remember it to write about and tell your grandchildren as those place are rapidly dissappearing.

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