kivu writers’ workshop

on the border between rwanda and the democratic republic of congo lies lake kivu. named for this lake is a project started by vso volunteers several years back, a workshop for young rwandan writers. every year twenty select secondary students are bused out to the lake for three weekend retreats. there they stretch their creativity, write poetry prose and plays, and learn to discuss and improve their work. the competition for these workshops required the students to write three pieces, one in english, one in french, and one in kinyarwanda. i was part of the committee that read over one hundred entries. then i was asked to join the project. this weekend i ‘facilitated’ (this is a vso term that is similar to teach, run, direct, support) a session on using drama improvisation to stimulate creative writing, at a workshop for rwandan university students who will be facilitating the workshops at lake kivu. i know that sounds confusing- think of it like training teachers. this weekend’s workshop was in butare, in the south, the second-largest city in the country. my session went well and i was excited to be doing theatre again after my two-year hiatus. i’m also excited to get involved with something outside my school, to put some of the skills i learned in london to a test, and to be working with (and learning from) other volunteers. in may i’ll go to the first workshop at lake kivu, a drama workshop, so i’ll keep you posted.

butare sunrise rwandan hills in the south lake kivu


~ by aliciawolcott on April 1, 2007.

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