yes, the time has come. we’ve finally been kicked out of temporary housing. the room we’ve been staying in has been reassigned to a couple of italian missionaries coming in next week. yesterday the painters arrived at eight in the morning and we had to lug all our stuff down the hill. ‘to where?’ you might ask. good question. since our new house is still under construction, our belongings are snuggly stacked in the director’s living room. amanda and i are currently camping out on the floor at tina’s in kigali, crossing our fingers and hoping that when we go back to musha tomorrow, the contractor will have magically finished our house- putting glass in the windows, fixing the front and back doors so they close and lock, putting in the toilet, shower, and sink, hooking up the electricity and water, putting in curtain rods so we don’t have random people staring in at us, fixing (or rather putting in) the fence, and getting rid of the huge bees’ nest that’s clinging to the rafters. they’ve been working all week and what have they done so far? they cut the grass and painted (inside and outside). hmm.

so that’s stressful.

but we had a blast moving. we recruited 21 students (i think we lost a couple on the way) to carry buckets, chairs, bed, cupboard, bags, food, water filters and kerosene lanterns the ten minute hike down the hill. i took hysterical photos (coming soon!). amanda had a table on her head, each kid had one thing (one for the broom, one the mop, one the mosquito net- totally inefficient use of man-power). afterward we took them all, or rather the twelve who remained, to the shop for tea and mandazi. cost to us: $2.50. i learned more names, caused a ruckus through town, got a workout, and laughed a lot. it was a good day in africa.


~ by aliciawolcott on March 17, 2007.

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