cooking with kerosene

after the first few days of eating peanut butter and bananas, we made it to the market in rwamagana to buy real food and kerosene for our little stove. the market should be an entry in itself, but i’ll save that for later. here are some of the more successful things i’ve come up with (yes, ben’s cooking lessons have paid off and i’m quite impressed with myself).

curried rice with fried plantains and carrots. dinner for two with leftovers. cost: approximately 80 cents.
pasta with fresh sauce- tomatoes, green peppers, carrots, onions. dinner for four. cost: expensive at a whopping $1.75

plantain french fries. delicious. cost: not worth noting.

fresh roasted peanuts. yes we roasted them ourselves.

vegetable noodle soup. perhaps too heavy on the salt.

fruit salad- pineapple (40 cents), mango (20 cents each), banana (20 cents a bundle), papaya (30 cents), and passion fruit (20 cents for six). all fresh.

bbq goat meat and potatoes with a spicy pepper sauce. fresh guacamole. dessert: banana stuffed with chocolate and bbq-ed in tin foil. ok, this one wasn’t me, it was sarah from rwamagana who’s been here for a year and who invited us to a welcome dinner at her house. kate supplied the chocolate, imported from britain.

an interesting discovery: if you buy plantains here and you don’t eat them for a couple days, they’ll start to turn yellow. your african neighbors will tsk tsk and say they’ve gone bad, that you can’t cook them and though they’re still edible, they taste funny. but, if you decide to try them anyway, you’ll discover that they taste just like the bananas you get in the states. so what we eat back home would be thrown to the goats here. i imagine they wouldn’t take too well to canned pineapple either.

our kitchen stove our dishwasher our pantry


~ by aliciawolcott on February 9, 2007.

4 Responses to “cooking with kerosene”

  1. I’m really excited that “woo hoo” is crossing the world. It’s like when you taught your Hungarian students the word “skivies” (in context of Richard Gere’s skivies of course). I feel like I’m vicariously changing the world through your use of my “woo hoo.” I don’t think they are ready for “Merry Christmas, I’m a moron,” but maybe someday. We’ve got to have something to aim for, right?

  2. Also, will you put more pictures up? I want to see you dirty with beautiful landscape. love you miss you.

  3. I was inspired by your ‘cooking with kerosene’ and went about making homemade pizza for the first time. You look at the world differently when you know that making homemade pizza is so easy and delicious.

  4. I must say my personal favourite was the hash browns!!! Even if john seemed to disagree!!!!

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