arrival in musha

my first night in musha. this morning we left the comforts of our expat island of amani guest house and vso’s supportive arms and headed for our ‘placements’- in my case the little town of musha. amanda, my bio teacher colleague from canada, and i were greeted with open arms- literally. as we walked from our temporary housing down the hill to our new school, little children popped out of the brush and from between the fronds of banana plants, yelling ‘muzungu’ and running barefoot towards us, arms outstretched. one after one they hugged us, or rather our legs. by the time we reached the school we had quite an entourage- at least five or six kids, some holding our hands and chattering on in kinyarwanda the whole time. at each house we passed, women came out to say hello. some of the houses are mud with corrugated iron roofs, others brick or cement with fences made of woven sticks (not sure what material actually- reeds? bamboo? branches?). the town is on the top of a mountain and the views are spectacular. from our house you can see lake muhazi far to the north.

we had a tour of the school and met each of the classes. i’m going to be teaching upper levels of english, as well as business english (surprise) and basic computer skills (bigger surprise). there are two other english teachers who seem very friendly and eager to work with me. the director himself doesn’t speak english and my french is improving by the hour, out of simple necessity, but he’s been very forgiving and i think within a few weeks i’ll have ironed out any miscommunication problems created today. here’s hoping.

out the bathroom window first dinner our neighbors too

~ by aliciawolcott on January 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “arrival in musha”

  1. What the heck is that she’s eating? A bean curd hot dog?

    Very nice blog by the way. WordPress seems to rock.

  2. it’s a banana hot dog with peanut butter. all we had.

  3. Whose that awesome girl in the picture?????? She must feel pretty special to have made it on your website!!! 🙂

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