first impressions

the rickety old plane from kenyan airlines is landing through the mist hovering over rwandan hills and everyone is staring at us. there’s only one plane at this airport, and it’s ours. i’m so tired i’m seeing just snap shots as i continue nodding off, head lolling side to side. i’m off the plane. i’m walking. i’m waiting at immigration. i’m talking to someone- a fellow vso volunteer and soon-to-be colleague of mine. the man at immigration is asking me questions, looking dubious, smiling, stamping, and i’m through. waiting for luggage that doesn’t come (why did i know this would happen?), filling out forms, hugging new people, cramming myself into one of three vso trucks as the sky opens up and it begins to pour. it is, of course, the beginning of the dry season here.

that was yesterday, and now that i’ve slept a bit i’m a bit more coherent. the roads are red and dusty, the hills green and misty. the streets are filled with people- walking, selling, hanging around- and give me a deja vu feeling for some reason. i’m a mix of emotions- overwhelmed, excited, hesitant, uncertain, eager to start. it’s beautiful here. i’ll get a picture up soon.

note: the flight from nairobi to kigali was on an old hungarian plane. i know this because the little signs like ‘pull’ and ‘please leave the toilet in a clean state for the next person’ were in hungarian. small world.

~ by aliciawolcott on January 13, 2007.

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